How Attic Insulation Can Add Years to Your Roof’s Support Structure

Aside from keeping your home cooler during summer, attic insulation plays a very important role in the integrity of your roof’s support structure.

Your roof support system is most likely made up of treated wood beams. Although these wood beams are meant to withstand temperature changes, they are still susceptible to damage when exposed to high heat.

Wood expands and contracts depending on the ambient temperature. Overtime, constant exposure to extreme temperature swings as well as the humid Houston air weakens the wood, causing it to bend and buckle.

This can be very dangerous if someone attempts to walk on your roof to check for damage or to set up an installation like a satellite dish. There are even documented instances where roofs would collapse under the weight of people walking on them, leading to serious injury and damaged properties.

By having the right insulation, the temperatures in your attic space remain more steady and the wood stays within its safe temperature range, adding years to the life span of your roof.

And did we mention that having the right insulation system on your attic space can lower cooling and heating costs by 15-25 percent or more?

If you haven’t had your roof checked for a while, of if you feel that your insulation system is simply not doing its job, give us a call today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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