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remove your old insulationDue to the recent hurricane Harvey, many homes were damaged and will be in need of insulation removal.  The expert insulation removal technicians at Ultimate Radiant Barrier are here to help!  We can come to your home and not only remove the old insulation, but we will also dispose of it for you and replace it with new dry fiberglass insulation.  Homes that were flooded during the hurricane will need immediate attention.  If you had water in your home, most likely the drywall was also damaged.  The outer walls of a home usually have fiberglass batt insulation in them to further defend against the elements outside the home.  If water penetrated the drywall, there’s a good chance the insulation inside is also water logged.  If left unchecked, this can form mold and other harmful bacteria in your home rendering it not safe for human habitation.

Let us come to your home and see what solutions we can offer to you to get your home back to normal.  Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation is dedicated to getting our fellow Houstonians back to normal.  No job is too big or small and our crews are ready to start helping you out today!

Getting the old insulation out of a home is daunting task.  Leave the dirty work to the professionals and we will take care of your needs in a timely manner.  Our technicians will come to your home and go over every option you have to replace the old insulation after we have removed it from your home.  We will work with you and make sure that whatever decision you make that you will be happy and your home will be safe.

Mold is a big deal and its removal is critical. It can be spotted in a variety of ways. Sometimes it discolors your ceiling or walls, or it shows up as black spots on areas throughout the home, or as rot on damp wood. If the insulation is replaced or thoroughly dry, it can’t harbor mold. But it’s easy to be confused about whether water-damaged insulation is safe to keep in place.

Does Your Home Need Attic Insulation Removal Services?

For various health and energy efficient reasons many homes are in the need of insulation removal services, including:

  • Fire, smoke and water damage restoration
  • Roof leaks and A/C leaks
  • Mold, mildew, humidity, odor remediation
  • Allergic reactions affecting your family
  • Rodent and other animal infestation and contamination
  • Remodeling and/or clearing attic for contract work
  • Upgrading insulation for products to greatly reduce your energy bills and provide a cooler home

By leaving your old insulation in the attic, you greatly increase your chances of lowering the energy efficiency of your home. In addition pests like to nest in those places and for all you know, you have provided a free home to rodents and other pests using your attic like a B&B!  By using our insulation removal services we can not only remove the old insulation, but remove the pests (living or dead) from your home.

Why Choose Us For Insulation Removal and What is the Process

insulation removal sugar land texasOur insulation removal services includes the extraction and removal of old or new fiberglass, cellulose fiber and polyester batt insulation. Once removed, the area is cleaned free of all remaining dirt, debris and dust leaving your attic properly prepared for your chosen insulation installation.

Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation specializes in installation of new blown-in insulation and removal of old, toxic and damaged insulation.Proper machinery to ensure safe quality service and maintain health standards.Limiting insulation from getting into your livable home space, thus preventing further contamination from airborne fiberglass particles and other toxic matter.

Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation is a Houston, Texas, based company that services Houston, and the surrounding areas. We are family owned and operated holding your family’s needs to the same care as we do our own. With over 40 years of experience in HVAC and Preventative Maintenance Programs we are available to help you. Please call to schedule a free energy analysis and/or insulation removal estimate. Thank you for your business!

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