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Spray foam insulation is probably the best things you could do for your home.  We have installed spray foam insulation in over 4300 homes.  The results are nothing short of foam insulation in houston txamazing.  Spray foam will seal your attic from the outside, lowering your energy usage and monthly costs while also providing structural integrity to your roof. We have tested many spray foam company products over the years and have found the one that works and works every time:  Quadrant Spray Foam 2.0. Upgrading your home with Quadrant’s line of spray foam insulation creates not only a more energy efficient home, but a healthier and more comfortable home for you and your family. With a 40+ year track record of quality products, you can be assured when using Quadrant’s Spray Foam you’re using an energy efficient product you can trust. Invest in superior spray foam installation in Houston, TX today.

Attention Hurricane Harvey Victims

Did You Know FEMA Approves Spray Foam Insulation?

After flood’s of hurricane Harvey and when retrofit work is about to begin, it will be necessary to determine the readiness of insulated assemblies for spray foam insulation. It is most desirable that surfaces be clean and dry to accept spray foam. Wood should have a moisture content of less than 19%. Concrete should be visibly dry and free of residue. Metals should be free of dirt and oil. Any surfaces subjected to flooding should be flood damage in houstondisinfected and treated to address mold. Residual salt should not impact spray foam. It is often advisable that spray foam be ‘test-sprayed’ to determine if it will bond to treated lumber, sheathings and other materials where an interaction is possible. Based on the test spray, it may be necessary to clean or prime surfaces to accept a coating of spray foam. Retrofit work will often involve raising older buildings and constructing new buildings on piers or platforms above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) and ensuring that construction below the BFE be done with flood-resistant materials. As previously mentioned, FEMA recognizes closed cell spray foam as flood-resistant and suitable below the BFE. It may not be necessary to insulate with flood resistant materials if such portions of the building are non permanent and it may be desirable to insulate with materials than can be easily removed if required (e.g. soft, open cell foam). Above the BFE both open cell and closed cell foams can be used. The choice of materials should be made based on sound building science principles. For instance, in a floor above a damp crawlspace it may be desirable to use closed cell spray foam because of its vapor retarding characteristics. Some designers of floor assemblies that may have occasional flooding above the floor surface, prefer to install open cell foam so that the water from above can drain through the foam keeping the plywood subfloor drier after the flood waters recede. Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation can assist in identifying the right product for the right application.

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Air infiltration can account for 40% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs… – Department of Energy

Insulation like fiberglass and cellulose allow air to freely infiltrate and leak out of your home…

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Common Air Leaks

Traditional types of insulation allow air leakage and infiltration throughout your home. This draftiness is responsible for high heating and cooling costs, an uncomfortable home during the summer and winter months, and allows allergens to freely accumulate in your home.


…but Quadrant’s Spray Foam Insulation stops air dead in its tracks.

Sealed House

Quadrant’s line of energy-efficient Spray Foam Insulation systems in Houston stops air leakage and infiltration from taking place. Which means you will enjoy lower utility bills, a comfortable indoor environment, and exceptional indoor air quality.

  • QuadFoam® 2.0 is a Two Component, 2 lb. Closed Cell, Spray-applied, Rigid Polyurethane Foam System.
  • QuadFoam® 2.0 is a non-puncturing air barrier, vapor retarder and also serves as a radiant barrier.
  • QuadFoam® 2.0 reduces airborne dust, pollution and prevents pest infiltration.
  • QuadFoam® 2.0 passed AC 377 (NFPA 286) Appendix X without an ignition barrier.
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Consequently, the heating and cooling system needs to spend more energy to keep the temperature at comfortable levels inside the home in winter and summer months.

Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is the best insulating material available today. It can bring down the utility bills, save your home from moisture and air intrusion, strengthen your home and keep airborne pollutants, allergens and mold away from your home.

Spray Foam Insulation Advantagesopen cell foam insulation houston

  • Reduces Energy Consumption by up To 50%
  • High R-Value Per Inch
  • Prevents Air Infiltration
  • Prevents Moisture Infiltration
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Adds Strength to Structural Properties
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Contains No Urea Formaldehyde or Carcinogens
  • Does Not Sag With Time

Open Cell Foam

Open cell foam insulation is primarily used on walls.  It can be used on outer walls, but it is also used on inner walls to not only provide insulation, but also to give a sound barrier between rooms.  Open cell foam insulation has an R-Factor of about 3.6 – 3.8 per inch.  It is sprayed into the wall and quickly expands in about six seconds.  The overlap is them cut off and drywall is then applied to permanently seal the wall.  This is one of the best types of insulation you can have in your home.  It is soft as opposed to closed cell foam insulation, but applied properly, it will insulate your home for a very long time.

Closed Cell Foam

In our experience as spray insulation installers in Houston, TX, we can say that closed cell foam insulation is THE number one insulation for a home.  Closed cell foam is firm and rigid unlike open cell foam insulation which is softer.  Open cell is usually applied to best spray foam houston insulationroofs or attics.  Not only does it seal up the area, it also provides structural integrity to the building it is applied to.  It is so dense that air cannot move in it quickly, so it doesn’t need a vapor retardant or a vapor barrier.  The R-factor of closed cell foam insulation is 6.0 per inch, making it a superior insulation for a home.  I will greatly reduce all heat from your attic in the summer months and keep out the cold in winter.  Many of our customers opt in for closed cell foam insulation for the ultimate protection.

As a Houston spray foam contractor, Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation’s professional team will insure that your home is well taken care of and that you are happy with the job upon completion.

Foam is far superior to cellulose spray insulation.  It is not affected by moisture once installed and will not disintegrate or sag over time.  It is by far a lot less mess to deal with since it sprays on as a liquid and quickly expands and dries almost instantly.  It is also an insect and fire resistant.

Mold spores can enter Houston homes from outside air that flows into your home through the air gaps. When these mold spores settle on moist spots inside, they start growing. These can grow on food, carpet, paper as well as wood.  With spray foam those issues go away.

Spray insulation is by far the absolute best you can use in your home.  It provides superior insulation against the outside elements and will insure that your home stays comfortable for decades to come.  Aside from providing superior insulation, when used on inner walls of your home it provides a nice level of sound proofing for you home.  Although this application might be extreme for most home owners, it is still an option.

One application of spray foam insulation will amaze you with the immediate results you can feel.  Because the technology far surpasses that of traditional insulation the effects can be felt pretty much the same day of the application.  Spray foam expands to close off any and all air leaks and cracks that may have developed over the years in your home.  Simply applying spray foam insulation to say, your garage, will drop the temperatures up to 20 degrees!  That is an incredibly noticeable difference if you enjoy working in your garage without cooking yourself in the heat during those harsh Texas summers!

Two things are constant and factual:  1.  Texas summers are brutal.  If you don’t think so, you haven’t lived here long enough; 2.  Spray foam is the ultimate insulation solution.  Combined with some of our other applications like radiant barrier foil or fiberglass batting, you just increased the value of your home, should you ever decide to sell, and will make the new home owner just as happy with the purchase as you were when you chose us to insulate your home.

Let Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation show you why we are Houston’s Leading Insulation Company and let us show you what we can do to improve your homes energy efficiency.

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