Insulation Matters, The Best Insulation in Houston


Insulation Matters – Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Insulation techniques have been around for a long time. However, the innovation and the growth of technology has instigated the pace at which the industry is growing. I still remember, way back in 2001, my Dad had completely gone haywire with regards to the installation of new barrier and insulation. However, the process has been extremely streamlined now. The new insulation techniques have made the job pretty easy. Along with keeping a tab on the environmental quotient, insulation widely helps the homeowners to curb the electricity bills. Poor insulation can shoot up your electricity bills by more than 50 percent.

Another fact that works in the favor of insulation is that it is a solution for all seasons. It is equally friendly for heating and cooling purposes. With so many different types of techniques and materials doing rounds in the market, the homeowners can be spoiled for choice.

I have witnessed several types of insulation in Houston. I’ve been staying here for a long time and I witnessed the options grow tremendously over the last few years. Let’s ponder upon the different types of insulation techniques that one can opt for nowadays. The different attributes these installations carry are mainly conductive, convective and radiant features. Conductive is basically the direct contact, wherein, convective stands for the steam and moisture heat transfer.

However, radiant barrier foil insulation has been quite popular if we look at the recent years. This type of insulation barrier is used to reflect the energy rather than absorbing it. Insulating against the heat gain and loss depends upon the expertise of the company you hire for the process. The R-value option has been largely popular amidst the insulation loyalists. Many homeowners opt for higher R–value as they help tremendously in the process of reducing the energy consumption. The most standard options used include the fiberglass and foam installations. The former one incorporates the glass materials to build a proper protection and the latter one uses foam that helps in preventing air leaks. The foam options are largely popular with the people looking to insulate the foundations. There are pros and cons of every process. The major drawback of foam process is that it uses polyurethane, thus, it is not completely natural. Some also have CFCs as blowing and foaming agents, which has time and again popped up as the ozone layer destroyers.

Homeowners must make it a point to use a much more eco-friendly solution. There are many such solutions available in the market that are low in density and also carry low R-value. One such product is polyisocyanurate. This product is being widely used for the process of exterior retrofitting and rooftop insulation. The product does not emit greenhouse gases and drastically helps in keeping the eco-friendly quotient in tab.

Coming to the second section of products that can be used. While looking for insulation in Houston, a friend of mine recently opted for cotton insulation. As it uses boric acid, it is better than the pest repellents and antifungals used in other versions. Hire reputed experts for the process as it is one of the pivotal home building activities that one should focus on.

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