Cutting Costs with Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation

Any home improvement professional knows the importance of having a cool roof. When your roof stays cool, your home also stays cool, and you cut down on your cooling bills.

While roof cooling materials help lower roof surface temperature by up to 15%, they are only rated to deflect radiant barrier foilthe heat transferred through solar light. In fact, cool roofs do very little to prevent radiated heat from being transferred to the attic space.

On the other side of the spectrum is radiated heat – heat transferred through space. This means that two materials need not be touching each other for heat to be transferred. As with your roof, this means that your shingles or tiles do not need to be in contact with your attic for the latter to transfer its heat.

This presents a problem for the roofing system. You can’t rely solely on insulation alone because most insulation products are designed to prevent conducted heat – the heat transferred between two materials in contact with each other.

As its name suggests, radiant barrier foil insulation prevents radiant heat from being transferred. In fact, lab tests show that some forms of radiant barrier can reflect up to 94-96% of radiant heat, significantly cooling the attic space.

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary cooling bills and allow us to help you get started with your own radiant barrier system on your attic space. Call us today to find out more.